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The Team Onion is a model to keep teams small, break down silos and create shared responsibility across team boundaries.

This 60-page book describes the model, looks at problems the Team Onion can solve, helps you understand how to use it, and provides practical workshop templates and insightful stories from people who have used it successfully.

ISBN 978-1-7393643-0-4
Written by: Emily Webber
Published by: Tacit London Ltd
Designed by: Stephen Walker
Edited by: Giles Turnbull

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I am blown away by the beautiful simplicity of ⁦this book. It breaks down silos and reduces blind spots by building & developing teams through communication, collaboration, and getting capability right.
Abby Peel

I always felt there must be better language for stakeholders and less rudimentary activities for kick-offs to map different peoples’ levels of involvement. Turns out the future exists, and it’s called the team onion.”
Holly Davis